An year more!

In a Early morning , beautiful lawn,
The morning sunlight peeping through the window
Seems it is just here to see me
sipping my Cup of tea!

Chirping birds and smell of fresh grass.
Vivaldi playing gently at the background
my furry friend comes up to share my space
snuggling cozy and looking at my eyes IMG_20160609_081830

I smell something more…….for the first time in my life
The unconditional love , loyalty steadfast!
A sweet family and my dog,
every morning is a new beginning
Every evening a contentment and
Every night full of hopes of fresh morning
stillness of heart and affirmation of happiness within!
couldn’t  ask  for more anytime !

New year is here, an year more with my dog!
Dog year is near, a new start of my journey.
Prosperity is awaiting to visit me.
Positivity does my heart sense around

I wish you all a healthy year ahead
A wonderful happy new year.
May the hatred perish and the love cherish!
All the world be filled with peace
Fill with peace!!!!

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