Dawn of my life


It was a beautiful beginning..
The most beautiful Dawn
where the sun was just stretching and twisting
as if it woke up just now
my eyelids refused to open..
until His kisses were sealed on my lips
so Gentle , fragrant and soft.. of which ..
even the roses were amazed of !
My cells all over get energized and powered up
calling up my soul for a new morning start
as I open my eyes I see
All that I saw in my dream
was in front of me in real…
my half open eyes were all open wide
as if I saw an amazing miracle
surpassing my heart and entered my soul
fusion of the view, dream and reality
It ‘s always been this
from the moment that I had met him
None other than my friend , lover and my master
who was playing the role of my husband
HE makes my day and night
creating new mornings and nights
completing the circle of life..
where nothing ends or begins..
love fills the air..
mind ,heart and soul……..

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