Seasons oh seasons! What a beauty they are!
Emotions are like seasons! Do not be afraid when it unfolds!
SPRING : love springing within watered by expectations and hopes;
( greenery and flower blossoms around)
SUMMER: proceedings and development with warmth of care like sunshine;
( bright and golden)
AUTUMN: varied qualities and interests that make one look beautiful
( excellent shades of yellow and red)
the misunderstanding wedging  while trying to understand, that makes one fall
WINTER: The quietness or dormant state of hibernation we get into for getting healed!
(Cold and numb!)
Autumn through winter stay with your hopes;
Spring would return… hopes would rise back
This is the cycle , smile and get back
paint the moment with colours, your life is your unique art
Rise, breathe, face your fears.. save it for some other time……..
Go wipe of your tears
Emotions are like seasons, take hold of your life
find your own reason for making yourself sway
your freedom is your expression

go make your own way
love yourself dear, future is right here, Imagine a beautiful play

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