Daily analysis-1

As I informed you earlier I want you all to benefit something out of it, though this is my personal view.


  • Now, all of you might have experienced anger in some or the other situation.
  • Many of  them shout at some one for relieving anger ,but, some of us compress the anger and tolerate and finally cry.

Have you ever tried to analyse this with an example?!?!  I know this sounds stupid but that’s what I do.

  1. I had experienced this often. Take a pan with some water in it and boil this with high flame.
  2. Do not forget to close the pan.
  3. After a few minutes if you lift the lid off the pan,what do you observe?

The water dripping in to the pan it selves isn’t it?

This is exactly what is happening with us too…

  • Every heart has some amount of  soft and supple core inside (which is the water content in the pan)
  • when somebody heats you up as the water makes you angry_
  • If you close or hide or suppress you feelings (as the lid closed on the boiling water in the pan) then
  • You’ll find yourselves crying after sometime (like the dripping water in the pan
  • The only difference in this is your tears are seen outside and the water drip is seen lifting the lid. Some people cry heart of heart too…I won’t deny it can’t happen..

Now you know why you cry?!?!

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