True Friend

A True friend is _

One : through whom you view your world;

One : who is present as a pleasant feeling within you;

One  : who is as bitter as truth;

One : who is as broader as sky;

One : who is as transparent as rain water;

One : who is the cause of inspiration in you;

One : who is near you when you really need;

One : who understands all your moods;

One : who can assess you in a eye wink;

One : who can set your mood right;

One : who’s ready to live with you always;


One : who’s ready to die for your sake

One : who is beyond expressions;

One : who is bound to be in your cherished memories;

A True friend is a ‘GOD’ who’s viewed by one and all.

{ I Know this is too less a description but I’ve put my immediate thoughts which came up}

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