DAILY ANALYSIS _3 (Story type)

Once a man with worries filled in his brain,went by walk to see a holy saint .  With all the plan to clear his mind and ask the queries to the saint;He bowed the saint and gave his salutations.

Holy saint was pleased to see him,b’cos the time had ripened   And the man had to now free the self. “You can ask your queries one by one” , said the saint with the pleasent smile.
Q.no.1:  Oh!great saint why should I undergo these worries and pain?  Suffer from storm and thunder and get drenched in the life’s rain?

Q.no.2:   What if I don’t follow the spiritual path and don’t have a spiritual master ?

Q.no.3:   a: Why do people suffer inspite of following the spiritual path ?

b: Why do only some experience in the spiritual path?

HOLY SAINT (H.S) : OH!   Son!   “Do you travel a long distance ?    Do you go by walk?

MAN (M) : I take a bus,  Oh! Holy Saint!

H.S:-Do You travel frequently?

M:- Yes, I do.

H.S:-When you board a bus what do do you do at first?

M:- I get a ticket for the place I desire to go to.

H.S:-What is the next , can you tell me?

M:-I find a seat to sit and comfort me.

H.S:-If you don’t get a seat what do you do?

M:- I’ll try to share with somebody else.

H.S:-What If that doesn’t happen too?

M:-I’ll stand till the place I had wished to go.

After this the holy  saint understood ,it’s bit easy to answer  that illusioned man.

B’cos the man was ready to listen ,he( H.S)can now answer all the questions arisened.

He glanced at the man and started to say :- See my son! Religion is your Bus for the sipiritual path.

You choose any one to travel in the path.

You choose the destination which is your Resolution.

The Bus drops you safely as you want.

If you carry any luggage , you keep it on the bus.Do you carry on your head?

Then why?  your worries, when you are in the religious Bus.

Why do you hurry to reach the goal(Resolution) ?

The Holy saint is the driver of the Religious Bus ,who shows goes and leads the spiritual path or way.

There are certain people chosen to issue the spiritual tickets ,who are devotees to God and loyal to ( H.S)drivers .

The time decides on seats ,whether to stand or to sit; Not the holy driver or conductor.

No matter you sit or stand you still go to your Destination. Just b’cos you don,t get a seat you don’t  change your Bus now and then.  You’ll be wasting your lifetime if you do so.

Don’t be crazy of the Bus(religion)you travel;It’s a mere instrument for your goal.

Enjoy the spiritual path or way viewing the beautiful sight outside.

Do you get attached to the passengers in them,close to your heart?

You get down at your place and They get down at their place.

Why do you get shattered when life does  the same.

REMEMBER:- If you get down some other gets in  ; this is the cycle of life too.

You are my passenger and the ticket is issued from now on.I hope you enjoy your journey to the level best ,remove all your luggage(worries)and keep it in the Bus ;You need not carry them back that’s the difference in this Religious bus.

MAN UNDERTAKING SPIRITUAL JOURNEY:-Thank you Oh! holy saint! I am thankful to you and grateful indeed ;                                                                              For I am now clear,In my eyes I don’t have anything to fear ; You are there to take me safe ; You have enlightened my mind now ;                                                                                            YES ,NOW I AM AWAKE!!!!!! YES ,NOW I AM AWAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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