Daily Analysis _ 4

Hinduism srongly believes in karma . The Moment we think of our difficulties immediately we see people telling _ “This suffering is because of my past Karma”

My brain as usual started analyzing on this. Know what Brain is stuffed with such extraordinary examples, believe me, such a fine thought came in…..

Walking with out slipper one day if a thorn pricks deeper in to your leg _

What do we do?

It is an unwanted element, right….. Our first  and foremost attempt would be

to remove it. It’s quite obvious that we’ll constantly kindle the thorn out till

it comes out ,though, it’s painful.

Now you may ask “what kind of connection it has with past karma?”

Let me explain _

For a moment

  • Think the thorn as your past karma
  • The more deeper it’s in your life the more  it pains
  • God / Guru kindles the karma out even if you feel it painful
  • This process is to relieve you from pain once for all
  • the thorn inside can spoil the leg
  • Never blame god for doing this _ We usually say god is testing

no, he’s trying to help us though we do not realize.

Next time when you are suffering think positive allow God to remove the karma , cos it’s for our own relief ……..

KEEP SMILING ….Life has got so many surprises to offer you….

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