Daily Analysis 5

Today I have something to say about which is not so new but useful…

I found in my experience that the more we repeat the positive words,the more we start believing self, the more we accept ourselves fully are we going to live up to the struggles.

The struggles are maximum created out of inner conflict of mind.

The contradictory thoughts of  our real conscious(Which really knows what you are really in need of)

and the mind (that reacts regularly to the worldly situations and society).

When will this end?

Obviously everyone knows the answer to this.

Yes , understanding yourself to the deep down core (and act upon this), then this conflict goes off..

Here are some self affirmation lines which can help us recover from low self esteem…

I am Positive

I am confident

I am worthy

I am spiritual

I am wonderful

I am beautiful

I am humorous

I am notorious

I am creative

I am  Humanitarian

I am Lovely

I am brave

I am full of Life

I am extraordinary

I am Glowing

I am Joy

I am Loyal

I am Memorable

I am Me (Identity)

i) I accept what I am with all the qualities in me…GOD’S wonderful creation….

ii) I affirm that I love my SELF with all the qualities I have in me..

iii) I appreciate the GOD for creating me as a unique IDENTITY..

iv) I feel worthy of my SELF at all the circumstances…..

Hope these lines energizes every one as an individual

For excellent results (READ THEM REGULARLY LOUD)

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