Womanhood is to be cherished….though in life we have two exactly opposite forces manhood and womanhood complimenting  each other. As a woman I have found myself very efficient in analyzing various aspects of life. Life gives various tasks and turmoils for the women to undergo as time passes by.

I’m not here to say that women are the only superpower _ B’cos I am not a feminist. Yes I would surely like to emphasize on the fact that Women hold an elegant as well as a strongest part in the wholesome of the life cycle in this universe. Only canvas won’t do if colours weren’t there. Even silence gives meaning when a woman is a part of the man’s life.

women can take up a transiton in every walk of life. Though many think her patience to be her weakness, it is her quiet transition for her next thought in action. No way can she be under estimated in any way.

I’d like to put forth a request to all the women  world around:-

  • The inner strength of a woman is enormous and amazingly beyond infinity can never be estimated by anyone.
  • It’s the thought process of every woman ,which goes into making a stronger and healthier society.
  • Never set your foot back.Be optimistic and believe in the universal energy which is taking care of every single factor.
  • Never wait for someone to come up with a solution for  you,believe in your inner intuition which will surely  guide you in a right path.
  • Walk upright with the goals fixed up right.
  • Get going world is welcoming you with honour.

To all the men ,my request would be:-

  • Don’t try to De _motivate any woman.Just because one had cheated you in life never weigh all the women to be the same way. Just because in a hand full of peanuts we got a bitter one to taste we won’t throw the whole lot.
  • There are many in million who are hypocrites in either sect.Choice is yours to make .Being alert is good but not carrying disbelief (it may be a kind of illness)against women.
  • Do not treat women a mechanical object,they’ve got their own feelings
  • There are lot more to say,but finally I would insist men to analyze the situation or context which it’s exactly meant to be,before concluding with their own perspectives and putting a deaf ear to their partners.

Help project the good and best factors – be it a man or a woman.This will definitely cherish the bond amongst and enrich the value of each other.


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