Think Again…

This poetry is where a bird says about the feel of people towards it_ and what it actually is supposed to be…

(this was written by me referring the bird to be a woman married who’s supposed to be posing herself happy and yet facing inner conflicts)

Just because I fly in the air_

don’t think I am free;

Just because you can hold me in hands_

I don’t belong to you;

Just because I am colourful_

don’t think I have a colorful life;

Stop thinking and exclaiming_

Whenever you look at me;

Do think that I too struggle _

To search a single grain;

Please think that I am waiting for you to feed me_

rather than putting me into the cage;

Think again, I too ask almighty_

my own shelter as you do;

O’ Heavens when will these people

understand my pain…..

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16 thoughts on “Think Again…

  1. sensitive write. Enjoyed the different viewpoint- no one thinks of us in this way, do they?
    “Just because you can hold me in hands_
    I don’t belong to you;” -so very true, how much it matches a married woman’s lifeline.

  2. beautiful … found a great similarities between a married women and a bird.. its really appreciable… 🙂

  3. Well emoted through words..
    I have pigeons coming to my house everyday.. often I get to hold a few of those too.. I think as much!

    Very well written
    Hugs xox

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