A graceful lesson

O’ bubble..

Lovely transparent bubble;

Lovely colors all your body through ;

On  addition with of your same kind

Your beauty really doubles;

Though you are short-lived ;

Always ready to attract all our attention;

O’ bubble..

You are truly spell-bound;

Always light and cool as you are;

Make me feel life’s too short;_come on

Carry the color in you;

Never bother to shoulder burden unwanted;

Move on light ,gentle all your life through;

presenting yourself lovely;

Making yourself the really special ‘YOU’;

O’ bubble..

You are my favorite – Yes,

My all time favourite;

I forget myself looking at you;

I Feel you are here to teach me;

Can’t touch you b’cos _  am scared you’ll

Disappear with a PLOP!

You live elegant move gently and

Finish your journey off;

With a wonderful grace _ I

Look up to you as my ideal master;

As you still linger in my thoughts _

With an extraordinary flair……….

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28 thoughts on “A graceful lesson

  1. When were young especially bubbles have such a magical quality. They really are beautiful and there’s something whimsical and carefree about them, they certainly have the power to summon your inner child

  2. Awesome saying about bubble….in childhood i loved bubbles very much….but now this poems reflects the true value of bubble…Nice didi…

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