‘AN AGE DEFYING …………….’

All that we need to do is trying to fill up this blank.


I am supposed to
explain you things with an example in this section. As you may know our
mind is the one which walk streamlining parallel to our actions every
Though it is there, working every moment, it is still young as it was when
we were born and we become aged as years pass on.
If we are not present the mind is not present. If the mind intrudes our
lives in a positive way then_ we are sure to lead a happy life. If it’s going to
give you a negative impact making you pessimist then_ your life is ruined.

Many things which were your favourites earlier (for eg. dress,shoes,book
_perishable) and is no more with you now ,your mind has the memory
back up of it :D.
Remembering a thing which is no more in front of you , in a positive way
won’t affect.

The reason we get virtually old is

  • We compromise with life lot many times.
  • Thinking of past too much in a destructive way.
  • We are afraid of pursuing dreams pertaining to various conditions.
  • We have ‘n’ number of reasons to explain  ,that’s really the funniest part of it..

But if genuinely

  • We do what our mind says most of the times things could be right.
  • Uh! We become aged and our mind doesn’t get aged any time.The tricky mind makes you look older_ than what your actual age is(making you think pessimistic many times).

Take control of your mind. It may be your best pal,but it dominates you
many times .Do not allow it to cross the limits.

You may have seen a child taking a knife or scissors in his/her hands .
Do you allow the kid to do so? No, you don’t !! You immediately take control
of this situation,removing the knife . Though you love your kid you don’t
allow him to use a harmful thing upon yourself or any other person.

This is exactly you’ll have to do with your mind. Be a friend as well as a
guardian to it.

  1. Do not allow it to harm you.

  2. Simply go about the happenings or memories in a positive approach.

  3. Do not react too much.

  4. Do not get excited on any situation ,instead act wisely.

  5. Work on your dreams with enthusiasm, take the help and suggestion of  your mind ,Do not totally rely on it.

  6. This is the secret of being young forever.

And now finally fill in the blank now.

We all need ‘AN AGE DEFYING DREAM’ not ‘AN AGE DEFYING CREAM’   :D.Work on your thoughts!!  

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2 thoughts on “DAILY ANALYSIS_7

  1. Very wonderful and true. Nice example to describe. On this topic i can write on n on but Just wanted to say… There is no pain and sadness outside your brain. Nature is love and happiness all sadness comes from the mind. About controlling it..yeah If wont don’t dominate it , it will . and it ll ruin u also.. About old things and loosing things and ppl.. every start has an end. just take the end as a new beginning . there are two ways to live the life.. One.. keep crying on the things happened in this past and 2nd is.. close the pages you read of your life and get ready for the next. You were blessed that you were in valley for this long coz after each darkest night its a day.. and how much dark that night will be the closer the day will be..

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