Daily analysis_ 8


                                       A Ripple

Hieee!  Am back again with a new subject and quite a good example. Happy to share such kind of things with you all.

Now it time for visualizing a beautiful place….

  •  In the  gleam of day light , lovely breeze surrounding , you are near a lake.
  • When  you see a clear water ,like anyone else you get a temptation of  flinging a stone in to the lake water. 
  • As soon as the stone touches the water the water start forming  a ripple.The ripple grows from small to big and fades off.

Why do you think the ripple is created?   It is created due to the disturbance created when you threw the stone. Note _ earlier the water was undisturbed. Another main thing is beautiful ripple form in a stagnant water .Though we  see ripple in flowing river also we do not see that clearly..

Comparing the lake water to the stagnant thoughts and the ripple to the disturbance created by our mind (stone) .We choose to form a ripple. Our thought is clear crystal clear undisturbed. 

We enjoy ripple in water but the ripple created by our mind to our thoughts are really unbearable many times .It’s the intensity with which we fling the thoughts.

So my advice would be 

  1. Keep flowing as a river to avoid ripple of thoughts
  2. Or else if you are a lake or pond then don’t fling a stone in an undisturbed thought.
  3. Remember the more your mind’s forceful the more you get disturbed.
  4. Ripples are quite enjoyable when we see in the pond but the thought ripples affect our lifestyle.
  5. So bear this in mind always do not get tempted to disturb your thoughts 🙂
  6. or else enjoy the consequence

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