One Day ,

I  sat down to relax

As I closed down my eyes_

To watch inhale and exhale;

All of a sudden _

To my greater surprise,

I could see his smiling face_

Which I never intended to think ;

With the deep analysis I found_

He had settled down inside my core;

He was indispensable part _

was present in and out of my breathe;

Yes! I am in love , contentment filled within _

and calm and peace beneath;

Heart reminded that he’s present there_

When I desired to feel my SELF;

Love trancending all through me_

Glowing and growing on it’s self;

A love which doesn’t mean a pain_

In the absence of his mortal body;

Love which doesn’t mean give and take_

Not that will pressure somebody;

His love always is pleasurable to think_

Causes no harm ,no way;

My every moment has always been treasured_

And endeared,

With love that you shared me that day;

With all the abundance you’ve filled in my heart_

Have no regrets of life any day………

(Love is ‘THE ONE FEELING’ which is supposed to be remembered pleasantly .

I hear people saying that love caused me pain , well, that can’t be and shouldn’t be

If it had been a true one)

Thanks a lot  to all the great poets over there…Am very happy to get recognized and approved as a poet(Fresher though).


This is the lovely day to start with;

People have many things to do

Be Positive when you begin with;

Have fun in all you do;

Take all your hopes collected;

give it up to all as much as you can do;

‘n’ joy your life this moment;_ cos 

With past or future you’ve nothing to do…..

{It’s a suggestion to my son on his birthday _ He’s stepping up in teen ,so reader’s wish him ALL THE BEST FOR HIS LIFE} Love you son…..


42 thoughts on “LOVE

  1. Isn’t it great when a love infuses your whole being? A wise man, Robert Heinlein, once wrote, “Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” There is never pain involved with a love like that.

    • Yes dear….I purposely drew one cos I wanted the pious feel and calmness in it…..Thank you so much. Happy that you’ve visited my blog.. welcome…

  2. simply superb.. I am so sad that I am the last to comment of this first class poetry. Love it sis.. nothing new for me to shock!!! its as always like ur class (world class)

  3. its a pure thought from the core …. i like this poem, specially in the inhale and exhale you found the love…. its superb….. thanks to write… 🙂

  4. This was a beautiful dedication to your love, the passion displayed show the joy you have inside. thanks for stopping by my blog. I always try to write with a purpose for the reader to engross themselves and you did it here.

  5. What a lovely expression and reflection on the “heart” of love! How interesting to me is the amazing synchronicity of both our entries, in speaking of timelessness. Love does and always will exist outside of “time.”

    Thanks for visiting me, and i wish you enough. . .

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