Phases of Life



At the age of 2

I needed my mother;

At the age of 10

I was guided by my brother;

At the age of 16

My friends used to gather;

At the age of 20

I had with me my lover;

At the age of 25

I had a li’l toddler;

At the age of 30

I had started caring as mother;

At the age of 45

My son had with him some other;

At the age of 50

I had no one to bother;

The phase of life is really so strange,

Nevertheless I have no pain;

Cos’ It  had to happen

I had not known this _ when I was young;

I had to face same, some day or the other…………

(This poetry is a nightmare kind of thing to me

This is  a small thought which arised into me when I thought of my loneliness!!!!!!

An appeal to people who don’t care their parents -May be the same will get repeated, so watchout)

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12 thoughts on “Phases of Life

  1. Your thoughts are very well put in few lines and they are nearly true. ” We receive back for whatever we give be it a love or hate”. The post is written directly from your heart.

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