!!Natural calamity!!

15 minutes to write on this topic

A Natural Calamity

Announced my Geo-Teacher;

Every one grabbed the pen _

to write it at once;

My teacher looked at me _

Cos’ in studies I was number one;

I didn’t lift my pen _

had put my head down;

Tears rolled off my eyes _

causing my teacher surprise;

All the papers  submitted _

held to her hands tight;

She came near me_

to enquire what was my plight;

I couldn’t stop crying _

When she caressed me through my hair;

Oh dear! what happened ?

Can I help you? would you like to share;

Controlling my sob _

I started to mumble;

“My mother passed away _

Is a calamity by itself”

I continued further,

“She went to Japan for work……

and never returned back”

As i ended up my words _

My teacher was totally stunned;

She was out of any choice _

For she knew nothing can be done…….

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31 thoughts on “!!Natural calamity!!

    • No dear! Not to worry, It was just an attempt to give the topic a new dimension….I see a very beautiful human residing in you….Thanks for visiting and gracing me…

    • mm…..I love the teaching profession and appreciate the greatness of the profession…I believe they have the large contribution in stabilizing the emotions of every individual kid……

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