“Rain Rain come again”

My daughter screamed with joy aloud_

on seeing the thick black cloud ;

YESsssss!!! said my sweet lil’ kid _asked me

Mom ,”Can we do the same

As we last year did?”

In a monotonous tone I questioned_

“What’s that you want to do dear?”

Even before I  could finish the question

She started saying with spin_

Dance in the lawn ,when the rain is pouring;

Want to enjoy the thunder roaring-

look at the dew drops on the leaves happily swaying;

Sniff the soil when it’s raining-

Sail paper boats when the water is flowing;

Hear the croaking of frogs that are playing;”

Rain had started now

For full filling her petty wishes;

She was abscond here –

I could see her in the ground;

Wet all through, water dripping from her hair;

Enjoying the cold breeze and gentle air;

Looking up to the sky_

Thanking the holy rain;

“Mum why don’t you join , are you afraid of rain?”

Making me realize once again_

That I was missing my childhood excitement;

I had bundled my happiness in the name of commitment;

At least for her sake , I had to get back again;

Dancing and singing in rain_

Allowing my worries to drain…….(submitted for short story slam week 3#)

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19 thoughts on ““Rain Rain come again”

  1. I love the enthusiasm of children but its true as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten calmer. I used dance in the rain all the time, it really is a wonderful feeling. Lovely poem =)

  2. Greetings! This really evokes the joy of childhood. Amazing how sedate we become as adults – and accept it as the way of things. I’m not above going for a walk around the neighborhood (sometimes barefoot) and I’m sure they think I’m a bit strange, but that’s OK.

    • 🙂 Lisa I’ve been thinking all the time, What we achieve actually by losing so much in our lives….sacrificing the playful nature within us(the innocence and happiness) Is it all worth living then? am I right?

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