It was the time of arrival of ‘ THE BOSS’

My hands began to tremble ,fear was the cause;

Boss popped in to check my progress_

I said humbly,”G-G-Gooodmorning Sir”,

He looked at the chaos in my eyes;

Started with a compliment ,” You look nice!!!”

“Good morning”, said he to make me ease out;

“Be seated and let me know if you had something

you  really are in need of “

“Carry on with your work, get yourselves relaxed;

Get me the excellent and output desired “;

As  he moved out of my cabin ,

Only thing I could do was blink and stare;

Suddenly I came to senses when the door slammed _

I woke up of a pleasent  day dream _

To find in my front The Bing bang Boss ;

“What’s up?, where’s your work?_

I need it completed even if you are dead”

I dared to talk now, I said with a gulp ,” who’ll ddddooo my work then?”

He said ,”Don’t act smart, I can hire some other instead”,

With fumes coming out of head I had to pursue my job;

The cool boss went away opening the door knob;

‘BOSS’ is a bad SPIRIT gotten into a human,

Not to be blamed he had to manage all;

As there are two sides of a coin, while we toss_

So are we destined to work with either a worst or better boss……..  

(submitted for Poetry Potluck 39#) 

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