Am still waiting in the shore –

hoping that you’ll be back;

Ignoring the high tides that come_

And the fair destiny that I lack ;

From the day you had left me _

I’ve lost my ability to speak;

Won’t moan that you are gone_

 I will wait till you come; _ yes!

I am waiting everyday for you to

Wipe tears that flow from my eyes;

Now that I’ve lost all my energy to cry_

I think I have to quit this and pray;

Lay this feeling under my foot_

Step on it to view a positive way;

I know you’ll be back here_

I’ll have a long walk holding your hand someday;

From dawn till sunsets I stand on the shore_

Waiting for you to come and stay;

At nights I long for mornings to come_

So that i can wait for you another day………

(submitted to Thursday poets’ rally 46#)

(Submitted for the poetry potluck 40# Topic related void and loneliness…:-) )

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12 thoughts on “Hope

    • Yes is it not ? The magic of poetry is when we become sad in some kind of situation ,we come up with an excellent solution….Thanks for visit….Glad you liked it…

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