Ships in the dockyard _

Ready to start the voyage;

My granny and me viewing them at the shore_

She started to say as to what they where;


“Each one go to different place _

Has altogether a different story;

Coping up all that’s coming forth_

Travelling east ,west ,south or north;

The waves are common to them_

Yet their approach are quite different;

It has all to do with the Ship Captain_

Who has many moments to confront;

Ships I mean here are ‘Relation_Ships’_

And the sea I refer to is life we have;

Each story I mean is_

Our journey with single person;

Everyone has a place in your life_

Has a significant purpose and reason;

Any time ,you are in check_

Your ship can have dangerous wreck;

Not always do they happen _

Some really enjoy the journey undertaken;”

The words were engraved in my mind_

That till this day I remember her lesson;

As I look into the sea ,the colourful huge ships_

I compare it to my life to all the relation ships……
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‘Submitted for Thursday Short story slam _ 21st Thursday June 2011’

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