Painting Incomplete

Dark room _ half opened door _

Dusty environment _ half lit lantern in my hand_

I went close to  have a look _

There was something in the corner_

There was a painting mixed and distorted;

Half used color tubes and dried used  brushes;

My eyes were wide open questions blocked my thoughts;

I could see a old diary which  fed my quizzing thoughts;

I turned the last few pages and started to read

with a  piling curiousness  inside my mind;



Black clouds, lush green fields,

yellow and purple dotted flowers,

butterflies fluttering and hovering the flowers,

Turquoise blue water’s

flowing with a charm;

Crimson red sun rising at the horizon_

As colorful parakeets _

were chirping and flying on;

This is just a beginning I have to add some more;


(Tomorrow’s my wedding

hope to complete the rest of my painting then)

few pages flutter without any matter

and then again the writing showed up _


Got married and was about to continue my way_

I knew not, this would happen _

Forcefully would  I forget my colors and stay ;

Distorted colors with no definite shapes_

As my tears have washed them away;

Still my half completed painting  _

Had so much enough to say;

Colors are yet colors I said to  myself_

Though wet and so mixed up are they……..

 _ Author Unknown

Horrifying and burdened I woke up stunned_

Just to find out it was my life i had seen displayed;

With a mixed emotions and confused mind_

Thought engulfed and dismay;

I pulled back myself to reality_ cos’

I knew I had to start another day……

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8 thoughts on “Painting Incomplete

    • Hi dear it’s on 20/10 dear and i have got separated from him from past 4 years…Don’t worry I am absolutely okay.. and the love of my friends really make me lead my life happy than ever….So sweet of you.. take care…

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