Just as the monkey
clinging to the coconut tree
starts jumping in search of bananas _
from tree to tree;
My mind clinging to past memories
started wandering_
in search of peace where it could be?

Just as a person lost in jungle besieged
My inner thoughts chaotic
struggling to get out free;
Yearning for the same old
music and happiness
wondering where it could be?

Just when the waves clashing against the rocks_
shattered my thoughts into pieces
I found myself walking along the beach;
The mystic tour of my past made me feel
I had just then returned from a safari.
Such is the story of my search for peace_
Yet to know where could it be?

(Based on the word prompt given below)

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Thursday Short Story Slam Week 7

14 thoughts on “Thoughts

    • The amazing part is as my life routine is going.. I could not imagine of beaches or monkeys and jungle anytime.I do not have even time to have my own leisure time. So the only way was to relate my mood to the words :-). Thank you so much for the nice comment.

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