Hide and seek

“Colorful small flowers and

a bee that always hover;

Buzzing a rhythm –

Beautifying the bird’s hum;

Green grass spread out as carpet-

Rainbow in the sky and

a Spotted mushroom hut;

Her Majesty!! you’re welcome…

Join us for play, well , come


Myself Bambi, I am Bunny,

I am squink

Well we’re Chip and Dale….

I am Cinderella, I have my own tale;

Hide and seek was about to begin-

Dale’s turn to count the numbers,

All of them started hiding;

Give me way… need to take a snap of you_

Well , may I know who are you?

A duck, Famous duck , I am Donald…

I am in search of a queen Who’s lost in the Jungle;

I suspect it is you

Ohh!! I see, you can take a snap of me _ but

first help me find a place to hide;

As long I don’t find a place to hide in_

I will be caught and never will I win;

Help me!!  , said she gasping and running

Donald pointed a hut far away and was quietly waiting;

An hour passed by, she didn’t turn up_


When will she come back_

Quack quack quack quack…

Chip said with a naughty smile

Don’t frown_Don’t frown

She went back to her palace_

for the prince is there alone..

Then what about her promise?

When will I meet her then??!!??

All of them replied in chorus_

She’ll come back tomorrow

Good bye until then …….

The beautiful dusk was ready to

bring in another new night”,

Hawwww… yawned she, loosening

her tight hold

My small lil’ queen slept

hearing a bed time story  old_

I gave her a kiss on her forehead _

closed the door a little and

left the room slow and quiet….

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submitted to Bluebell book:-

Short Story Slam Week 10: Children’s Literature

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