This is my married life which is pain but nothing surrounded by chaos and  was unstable…God forbid this life ,even to my enemy(i do not have a enemy as such)

You were in want of a maid with out pay_

you knew am the most submissive;

You had your biological needs cleared up_

I was left stunning in the corner in dismay;

You were in watch of wealth and yes!!! _

you got this to your best I can say;

Now, as if I were no one to you_

You spill out all your cunning words;

You say I am your burden nothing but else _

And I am surprised and puzzled within;

Eight years of pain that you’ve given me_

killing my chastity inch by inch;

With my two kids I am freeing myself_

Getting off your sight;

Now that I’ve dared to leave  you behind_

I know it’s never too late;

I am happy now that I’ve took the right decision_

Cos’ there was no binding factor in between;

Gonna start a new life hereafter_

Be my “SELF” once again……..

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