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My sand castle_on the shore

Swiped off by the waves of destiny;

No worry sand remains _

Let me build once again;

Love is sand and expectations make the castle_

Love remains ever victorious_

Facing those big wave hassles…

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30 thoughts on “Shore

  1. Thanks for stopping by my site! Yours is great too! We have the same taste I see!!

    Your poem is very well written and executed. My favorite line is:

    Love is sand and expectations make the castle

    That is talent!

  2. ‘Love is sand and expectations make the castle” This was one awesome poem. Love the comparability: of love sand and expectations, the castle

    • yup , you know what…. I got this all of a sudden…I am so surprised that I could relate such a heavy topic to the heart-lightening shore,sand and sand castles…Thanks a lot friend….

  3. I’ve been spending a fair chunk of time by the shore lately, so I came to your poem because of the title. Also wrote about a sandcastle in a recent poem. I enjoy your poem, and like the idea of love trying and trying again to triumph against the sometimes relentless forces that would knock it down.

    • That’s so nice of you that you could perceive the inner meaning of the poetry…Thank you so much for your wonderful comment…Glad you stopped to read this post…Happy getting acquainted to you…

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