Love you

I recollect back those precious moments…

I could feel the warmth of your love_

When you covered my legs with a rug , on that shivering night;

Secretly observing the moment you caressed my head_

and implanted your kiss on my forehead and murmured goodnight!

I got temperature and body pains_

and I saw your eyes glared up with tears;

I was showing my first poetry with  full of errors_

And you said,”Wow! That’s really fabulous!”

I was scared of flying cockroach that day_

I remember you said,”They are scared of you  …no need to fear”

I was sad when my friends refused to play_

You said,”How could you ever forget me dear?”

I got low marks and was hesitating to get the card signed_

You said,”So what? now you know what you are lacking in”

I missed my mother when I performed on stage_

You said,” I know how it feels…”,cheering me till the end;

I know nothing could be gifted other than my heart and soul…

I know that you were with me then and now here;


Every sweet sleep and carefree life_

The freedom that ever any one could get_

All were bestowed upon me without any expectation

I know one thing that I owe my life to you …..

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