Daily Analysis _ 9


Again I am here with a new concept on the occasion of Diwali…

Quite obvious , you may all be curious what my topic is going to be this time.


My little daughter was out today to enjoy firing sparklers and I was accompanying her for guiding how to be safe.

She started showing a sparkler on the flame of a candle.

The moment it got lit , the sparkler was glowing with showers of stars, she stepped back..

I said wow! see how excellent it is…

She said ,”Mumma, I got scared the moment it got lit suddenly and because of the crackling sound.

Now just think for a while why I didn’t get scared while my daughter did.

Fine , one reason is she’s still young..We’ll still go deep  into this matter..

She was  waiting for a while , when she started showing the sparkler over the flame she certainly was doing this for the sparkler to get lit. But when it took a little bit of time…she just had a pause on her thinking just looking at the candle..

And all of a sudden without her expectation it just started of with a crackling sound , scaring her for a moment..

Where as I was all the time expecting this to sparkle..Even though it took time I knew that it would get lit up with a crackle…

How do we relate this to our topic…

“Though we start a work knowing what’s the purpose we start it for , in course of time , we forget and get lost in the action than the purpose and effect

We should not just have to think that it would be giving us happiness but we’ll have to expect the unexpected effects of it also …

So that it doesn’t cause us psychological trauma.

(As in this case the kid did know that it would sparkle but didn’t expect the crackling sound out of it).

So I hope we have come to an conclusion. I wish that all of you should also

try to figure out such secrets in every small action of life.

Good luck…


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