Heavy rains

With the umbrella in my hand_
I stepped out that day;
Black clouds and roaring thunder _
Zap came the flash of lightning and
The sky came down pouring;
The greens were rejoicing _
The birds rushing towards their shelter;
I clapped and sang aloud
all these 20 years back;
The rains have never changed _
nor the nature which used to welcome it;
But how strange !!!!
I am no more the same;
Now, once again the rain  has come back
 Today I drench myself in rain _
 to subside my inner emotions
that is corroding me deep within;
Fortunate that I could cry
 hiding the tears under the slashing rain;
I know the rains would stop some time _
I wouldn’t be able to let out my pain;
But my bleeding heart will wait _
until the next heavy rains….

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