Your memories!!

I feel myself lost in this crowd _

Variety of people behaving Chris-cross ;

You stand out alone amidst this crowd _

Making me feel worthy of me;

Though you don’t have

the same likes and dislikes _   

Though you don’t match up my age _

I love you for what you’re in whole

I love you for what you’ve been to me ;

No one in this world _ except YOU and ME

Can ever understand each other so well _

It’s beyond the human biological needs _

I’ve always framed those moments

you shared with me;

I don’t term you bad for having departed me _

Cos’ I’ve invaluable treasure (memories)

You’ve already given me;

I am fortunate that

I had been with you some day _

I’ve given myself in whole _ I won’t stop your way;

I see now , someone married to you _ Yet ,

 I know my love is safe within you;

Your Wedding album is in my hand _

Our memory slides flashing through my mind;

Tears stop in the edge of my eyes _

saying silently

” I miss you even today”

I know I had to close your album _

Can’t bid bye as

My chapter in your life is over _ Because_

 In my memories you’re

ALWAYS with me……

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