Journey of life

Unplanned journey (birth)

Followed by our foolish plans;(life)

Some coincides

Some goes off the line;

Some granted and

some gets banned;

 some heart’s contended _ others

unfilled thronging in vain;            

outward cries are heard

No peace or silence found;

When end is near for sure

knocking our door step _

Final full-stop

Final full-stop_

All our stupid plans

come to an end;(death)

No one wins or ever loses _

How strange are these

meaningless  plans _

got to get drowned

got to get drowned…………..

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Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 58 (December 15-December 21, 2011)
Thank  you Jagring for nominating me  for this award and
Congrats Thingy I’ve nominated you for the next perfect poet award..
Both Xmas bells and snow are cool…
Holidays ahead , free from school
Happy new-year
Joy and hopes ahead;
I wish all the health and prosperity
repeat in continuous loop… 😀

14 thoughts on “Journey of life

  1. a threnody on Life, ending in lamentation.
    blankly stark and evocative piece.
    skepticism, cynicism, and a world-weariness pervades in the voice of fatalistic realism.

    Okay…bring on the scotch.

    nice piece.

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