Inner peace…

All the cunning  rain of words;

Are prone to harm us_

As   big sharp sword ;

For those who know me intimately well_

Know that  I  have no regrets

due to the inner peace that dwells;

I have some angel like thoughts to shield;

 Some flowers and smile that happiness  yield;

Yes , I am just a human _

not an angel at all;

Though the words are too painful

I ,  consider them small;

For those who hurt me ,

I choose to forgive them all;

Let go off things which _

try to make me fall;

Except for some flowers and this pretty smile

I have nothing at all ……..

I have nothing at all ……..

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Short Story Slam Week 18

13 thoughts on “Inner peace…

  1. This was wonderful! I learned years ago that forgiveness is a wonderful healing tool. As I forgave, I was filled with an inner peace that I had never known before. Now, even though physically my life is a bit rocky, even through struggles I always have this incredible inner peace. God is good!
    Thanks so much for sharing! Be blessed.

    • That’s too nice of you Elizena..I have the habit of forgiving which many people mistake it to be weakness..But as you say it is the greatest secret for healthy mind and life.Thank you dear.. take care..

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