As the seed has a great tree with in
mother your womb carried me within you
Your bleief made me to stand as a person
Your whole nature stuffed in my being
when whole universe fails to recognise me as one
You said “yes you can do it
I know you are the one to fight tough circumstances”

Be it humanity or gentleness
Be it sportiveness or boldness
Be it innerbeauty or spirituality
Be it patience or perseverence
They are my assets passed on by you…

Mom once you were expecting me to be born
And now it’s time to gift you my love
My infanthood went in evolving
My childhood went in understanding
And my youth wants  to repay back the debt
The debt which can never be repaid in several births
Maa’ You can’t be fitted in my words
Am blessed to be yours

With love ….Happy mother’s day….

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