It was a cool winter morning
I had a thought of having a walk

I see outside of my window
it had just started snowing!

Mind is playing the thoughts within

when my eyes stop
at a tree covered with snow!

I keep staring at the tree
I just freeze in that moment

my gloomy mind started to talk
to my inner self focusing the talk

conflict between the mind and soul
has been with me all my life long

one criticizing and the other empathizing
Myself as center listening to all

my soul decided to answer my mind
trying to clear the conflicts surround

started her view on what is life
here is how she started to talk

Spring summer winter and fall
seems what the season is all

ask the nature..how long it takes
how many hardships and prosperity it makes

how beautiful is the range
amazing is the gradual change

learn to live in the change with ease
so will the heart return to peace

remember to appreciate simpler things
you should feel the joy it instantly brings

Life is beautiful , believe it or not
if in the negativity you aren’t get caught!

Lay your junk filling up your brain
do not let them , your soul to drain

Especially you keep moving consistent
and no one seems to acknowledge that

when every step makes you feel tired
make it a point to give yourself a pat

not all the actions get you solutions
some pave the path for new step

stop blaming and shaming you

who else would soothe you?

if not for your own self?

I know , hey mind you would be calm
for may be just next a week or two

I shall repeat them back again and again
when you forget what’s been told

I pierce through your disturbing questions
and try to tell you facing you bold!

Quieten, my mind, listen to me
if you really want peace and joy

my vision returns to the tree with snow
with a silence in heart now I know

a smile springs of no where
thinking of what’s going on here!

You deserve a cup of hot tea

gently reminded my inner soul

Enjoy your soul , just have a walk
added my mind to the soul

what a lovely moment it is!
The sync of mind and soul!

Ecstatic , beautiful life it is!
If there is the sync of mind and soul!

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  1. lovely entry, why?
    thanks for going to our facebook page and twitter account to check out the updates.

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