Daily analysis 10 [Periods and Fullstops]

Well, it’s been so many months since I posted something in my blog. My thoughts brim off sometimes. Sometimes I have a framework to write about something, while I am having my morning walk and that’s it… my thoughts have a very short span.. it kind of gets off my mind as I reach home. Today, I was in front of the computer and , yaaay, here I go… captured my thoughts to the page.
Without  wasting much of our time… let’s get started..

I learnt British English while I was young and less did I know that I would be coming to U.S.A anytime. I was not dreaming about coming to America anytime. But I did dream of marrying a person who would love me for who I am. My love ( from US)  found me on_line and accepted me ( from India) and made me  his life partner. Then starts my new journey in the new piece of land 🙂

There have been times when i would get confused by the American expressions and accents.One such time came… where I was writing something as my husband was dictating me a formal letter. He finishes his sentence and says …… period and am like… what… this doesn’t make any sense.
The sentence was like…” dear madam, I would like you to explain me why is there a delay in refunding the money …” period
I ask him ” what is a money period? ” and he says… period is used to finish the sentence. And here… i get this now… it was full stop …A dot placed at the ending of a sentence.

Then my mind kind of had this within all time _ after I learnt, what is a period… i got a thought today, as to how both( full stop and period) related to the life .
We have our phases of life.
Infant phase,childhood phase, adulthood phase, middle age phase, Old age phase  and more segments within those phases. we have endings of every single situation which can be called as PERIOD of time… a segment ( such as sentence) when a segment is finished we have period placed.. good period 🙂 bad period 😦
PERIODS help show the ending of sentences so does a period show the full cycle of a situation we have gone through.

Let us now think of full stop.  we have sentence coming to an end and a stop comes where FULL STOP is used to show the  completeness (fullness )of the sentence . So is in life… we have this situation come to an end making the experience complete in itself. Hope you were able to relate to what I said.

You know what, it’s good to keep thinking and relating things with our life.. who knows..one fine morning, we would be blessed with a new thought which really makes some sense and can be fitted to the daily applications.

Any way ,

Thanks for reading this patiently.

See you all soon, with yet another unknown mystery, some other day . Till then keep smiling!


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