*Useful to think upon and act! *

Do you feel like a victim of your circumstances? Here are some common characteristics of a victim:
1) Victims believe they are helpless and that others in their life are villains.
2) Victims are ignorant of their responsibility in the circumstances that resulted in an undesirable outcome.
3) Victims do not acknowledge that if they handled things differently, the results would have been better.
4) Victims believe that they are not responsible for how they feel.
5) Victims do not see how they are misinterpreting a situation and making it worse.
6) Victims do not learn from a negative experience, but instead go deeper into fear.
7) Victims are stuck in the past and do not take action to create a better future.
8) Victims feel resentment and blame towards others.
9) Victims are not willing to trust and accept people they are resenting.
10) Victims feel powerless to create positive change.
Do take 100% responsibility for your life. Blaming others, giving excuses, or coming up with victim stories only keep you from getting what you want. Successful people practice asking
�How did I create that situation?,
�What did I do or not do to have this outcome?
�. When you blame others for setbacks, you become a powerless victim.
Whatever the life situation, you always have the power of choice. While you cannot always control outside situations, you do have the power to change yourself and respond differently.
When you believe that you are a victim, by law of attraction, the universe will bring you more undesirable situations that weaken you further and strengthen the belief that you are indeed a victim. Only when you bring the focus towards self and start taking complete responsibility for your life experiences do you start to become the powerful creator of your life. In other words, taking complete responsibility moves you from being a victim towards becoming a victor. _ Anonymous

Thanks to this anonymus… this credit goes to the person who helped out  solving with serious issue so simple.

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