Hi all,

First of all, kindly excuse me for the errors you find in my written language.Because I am not the one who is trained formally in writing literary things.

You all may find many mistakes grammatically , but believe me  I am sure each one of you would definitely feel my poetry’s essence……

My main aim of blogging is:

  1. I find happiness sharing things with you all and
  2. I vent out my deepest thoughts in the blog.

I hope my both purpose is getting solved. Enough of explanations!!!!

I was searching for an introductory line which would make me know better.
What could be the most I like in me would be _
  • My view of situations in different perspective. These generate from constant thoughts , transforming negative approach to positive one .I still learn life better ,through every situation I face.
  • My easy adaptation to life around me.
  • My constant search for solutions which comes up to me.You may ask what’s new,even we do!!  I am open to the views of people I am surrounded with.I take up good suggestions from even a kid.I accept people around me as what they are and appreciate them for what they are.
  • I am a humanitarian. I believe in helping and supporting people.
  • let peace prevail

    Strong will is all needed to win

My hobbies are:-

I love sketching,listening to music,photography,cooking,travelling etc..

I like writing poetries and articles very much. Enjoy the presence of my friends. Though I am “Jack of all and master of none” my friends have always accepted me for my nature.

I really thank you all for visiting my blog. Hope this introduction of mine can get you the picture of mine. (:-P)

10 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

    • Thank you for visiting my blog in the first place…I am graced by your presence and heartily welcome you to my blog…
      I’ll for sure participate in the blog link of you have mentioned. Coz I feel this community of poet is too wonderful and amazing.
      Wish you all the best for your blog to enrich and entertain lot many as me.

  1. You “borrowed” one of my copyrighted pictures in your blog. Permit me to reciprocate by “borrowing” one of your poems in my blog.

    Yours sincerely
    Emil Ems

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