My Awards

This is my first award and recognition by my poetic friends… For my post ‘LOVE’                                                                                        ———————————————————————————-


This one has been awarded for me for my post ‘SHIPS’                        ———————————————————————————-

This as you can  see  was graced to me by bluebell books 2011.    They have given me an opportunity to improve myself on my creative and poetic skills…                                                                                           ———————————————————————————–

I thank my friends for constantly helping me to

evolve in every way and

the poetic community  to have

encouraged me all time…   🙂  🙂  🙂

Happy moment again …Thank all the friends for this…(This is for the

Haiku post titled ‘PRIZE’


I thank jingle poetry_ Gooseberry garden to have given me these for the constant participation.

I assure to be the part of the community and walk along …I would like to thank for the opportunity given to me and the belief and faith the poet community has in my talents and capabilities. Thanks once again….


Here again I’ve been nominated by my friend for the award..I Thank the Poetry Palace community for the honour and encouragement…

I give an assurance to exhibit my talents and utilize the opportunity given to me..


Thanks to Bluebell Books for giving me this award. I would like to be part of the poetic community and give my best of poetic skills exhibited through their prompts …

Got a recent award from Thursday poet Rally Thanks a lot ..

It’s overwhelming to have been awarded by them again..

Here is the award


The Perfectly Charming Poet Award for Week 66





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