I fell in love gradually, yes, I fell in love
As i kept on gazing …Gazing through out the day;

I fell in love without knowing
Whether this  would happen ever..

I was sitting inside my home  within the gates
looking out everyday;

I fell in love with that rose plant
which was outside my gate;

I forgot I was a handicap
waiting for some one to take;

I got engrossed dreaming 
giving my dream a shape;

rose plant

Slowly that i envisioned going out
feeling and smelling that plant;

I fell in love with that rose plant
that’s charmingly facing my place;

I knew i can do nothing but see
with no one near to help me out;

The reality is too hard on me
All that i could do is now pray;

Who knows if i pass my life just seeing out
or would I reach out the plant one day..

Am still in love with that rose plant
I hope you can feel what i  say……..

( all that a person needs is to feel..beyond that which can never happen…. at least this would keep one alive)

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